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Butternut Squash Salad

By on 4th March 2019

I have been busy working with Brita Ireland, to come up with some simple health orientated recipes. We are running a ‘Monday Meal Plan’ for the next 10 weeks with 10…

Main Meals

Baked Chicken Caesar salad

By on 18th February 2019
I love a good Caesar salad so I came up with my beautiful baked chicken and easy homemade Caesar dressing variation. If you are a veggie you could definitely substitute the chicken for some tofu or tempeh. This is such a simple salad and can be ready within 25 minutes. The dressing is so moreish and them croutons are wicked, enjoy!
Main Meals

Beetroot and feta Salad

By on 14th January 2019
This beetroot and feta salad is a classic and such a simple little gem to knock together. Yes... I have cheated with the precooked beetroots, but there are some fantastic cooked packs of beets out there and even the likes of Aldi are stocking organic cooked ones nowadays. Beets can take forever to cook so I think this cheat will come in handy to get your week off to the right start!