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Feeling Peckish! For Something Different

By on 11th October 2017

Peckish!, the first fully dedicated vegan cafe Ennis has ever seen opened it’s doors sometime last year. A first ever of it’s kind to enter the food scene in the Banner county by owners Roy and Tina of the long standing health food shop, Meanwell. Not only have they set up their dream cafe in the town’s cobble stoned market square, they’ve practically taken over it! They moved their highly successful health food shop which was once down by the river and known for being charming but somewhat stuffy to a larger shop opposite Peckish! along with acquiring a smaller unit next door to the cafe where customers can bulk buy grains and nuts to mention but a few. 

Peckish! stands out with it’s bold vibrant green wooden exterior and you know instantly that this place is doing something that no other has done just yet.  Not only a new concept for Ennis where food is regarded but Peckish! brings to the town a new hipster aesthetic. If you’ve ever been to a cafe in any major cities like Berlin, London or NYC, you’ll understand exactly what they’ve created design wise but if you haven’t, it’s pretty simple… Visiting Peckish! is the cheapest ticket you’ll ever buy to experience what eating out in the trendiest cities across the world looks and feels like.

The space is rather long and somewhat wide and definitely had the potential to lack atmosphere and a sense of welcome. But through the balance of industrial feel from the huge factory like lamp shades, acid stained red tinted concrete floors and white tiled walls behind the bar, paired with the homey warmth of the restored chunky tables, distressed wooden bar and caged beverage shelving, you get a well complimented feel of modern with a hug full of earthiness and charm. Roy admits he feared the two ideas colliding but they actually make Peckish! The cool that it is!

Busker outside Peckish! Vegan Cafe Ennis Co. Clare Ireland

As I think about their coffee I’m instantly brought back to it’s smoothness and easiness to drink – can I have a flat white now, please?! I remember a slight bitterness counterbalanced by smooth deliciousness. They use the celebrated Baobab, but I’ve learnt over the years that using an incredible supplier of coffee isn’t the only factor that ensures a superb cup of the black stuff. Oh no… Sure if that was the case every place you’d grab a cup would be well above average but we all know it generally ain’t!

Window seats at Peckish! Vegan Cafe Ennis Co. Clare Ireland

Cleanliness of the machine, quality of the water, dialing in at the start of the day to ensure an optimum balance of dose, grind, extraction time and temperature of water are all things that have to be taken into account when trying to extract the best from any coffee bean. Coffee lovers will feel at home here. Peckish! Clearly know the science behind good coffee and have allowed me to taste the best cup of Baobab I’ve ever slurped on – so, kudos!

Being hungry and knowing that we were about to embark upon a four hour bus ride back up to the big smoke, we slurped on a lot more than good coffee. Breakfast is served from 9am until 12pm and luckily we squeezed in just before it was about to finish. I’m the type of person who wants to try something from every corner of any menu and I’m fortunate to have a sidekick who shares that passion or greediness as some of you may call it.

For starters we kicked off our edible journey with something sweet which is quite contrary to the normal savory fare. Almond and Buckwheat Pancakes served with toasted nuts and apple and rhubarb compote lured us in. A nice dose of cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top made for such a festive feel. It was the middle of August, the sun was splitting the rocks, there was a guy just outside busking brilliantly and through the power of a warming spice it felt like Christmas and good memories. They nailed those pancakes!Vegan and Gluten-Free pancakes at Peckish! Vegan Cafe Ennis Co. Clare Ireland

On to seconds we went with a Mung Bean and Brown Rice Dosa along with a Veggie Crumble. And of course, where a menu offers some sort of spud we take it upon ourselves to adorn the table with as many as it can possibly fit – spud’a’holic alert right here! The dosa was like India meets the Middle East – delicious fermented pancake like dosa below a big round of fried falafel inspired chickpea protein burger worked brilliantly together.

The crisp salad leafs in between those two were as fresh as you could ever want and with every bite I could taste Peckish!s’ strife to use the best of ingredients as possible, with as much emphasis on organic produce as possible. The ‘meatiness’ of the dish was balanced with a sharp yet subtle sweetness from the beetroot relish alonside a refreshing chunky cucumber raita. Super yummy and a plate full of happy but if I was to allow myself to find any fault it would be that the burger was a tad dry and I would have loved a hummus of some sort. The potato wedges were gorgeous – big, chunky and banging with flavor. The crumble was warming, creamy and filling. 

Mung Bean and Brown Rice Dosa at Peckish! Vegan cafe Ennis Co. Clare Ireland

Peckish! Is not just for vegans but for people who have an appetite for good quality food and coffee. I’ll definitely be telling all of my mates to get this place scribbled down on their foodie bucket lists. The staff are friendly and attentive which makes eating there even more enjoyable. I feel inspired by Peckish! And by its creators, Roy and Tina who have with passion and courage, brought a new experience to the west coast and are doing it so fabulously.  

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