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Main Meals

Broccoli and spinach soup

By on 21st January 2019
To get the ball rolling I give you my brilliant broccoli and spinach soup. I think it's simplicity will have you dancing into the kitchen and have you and your family fed within 40 minutes! Packed with lots of green goodness, this is a little gem of a health packed recipe to stash in your archive!
Main Meals

Beetroot and feta Salad

By on 14th January 2019
This beetroot and feta salad is a classic and such a simple little gem to knock together. Yes... I have cheated with the precooked beetroots, but there are some fantastic cooked packs of beets out there and even the likes of Aldi are stocking organic cooked ones nowadays. Beets can take forever to cook so I think this cheat will come in handy to get your week off to the right start!
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Broccoli, Sweet Corn and Spinach Fritters

By on 15th November 2017

I call these green goddess fritters with a pop of sweetness! A combination of gorgeous broccoli, spinach and sweet corn, they are super easy to make and taste superb! I…

Main Meals Recipes

Butternut Squash and Wicklow Bán Quesadillas

By on 1st November 2017
These Butternut Squash and Wicklow Bán Quesadillas are an Irish twist on a Mexican Classic! Seasonal squash with creamy Irish brie is a delish combination!