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Fluffy Banana and Chocolate Pancakes

By on 8th November 2017

If like me you’re a sucker for pancakes then these fluffy banana and chocolate pancakes are gonna put a big smile on your face! I’ve made pancakes every week…

Features Kids Kitchen

Grape Sculptures

By on 26th October 2017
This fun kids recipes will keep your little Einsteins busy on a wet and dreary day. It will not only keep them occupied but will get their minds thinking about how to build abstract pieces of art. You’re going to have artists by the end of this…
Baking and Desserts Features Kids Kitchen Recipes

Chocolate Dirt Pots

By on 4th October 2017


My easy kids recipes feature in Mums & Tots Maternity magazine!

‘Don’t Play With Your Food’ By Bella 

Oh these little beauties are out of this world gorgeous! Not only great craic…