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Baking and Desserts Recipes

Warming Butternut Squash Muffins

By on 6th November 2017

These vegan gluten free butternut squash muffins are insanely good! If you love the sound of vibrant orange butternut squash mixed with warming cinnamon, mixed spice, vanilla and orange…

Baking and Desserts Recipes

Homemade Gluten Free Corn Tortillas

By on 30th October 2017
Learn how to make homemade naturally gluten free corn tortillas made with masa harina corn flour, salt and hot water.
Baking and Desserts Features Kids Kitchen Recipes

Chocolate Dirt Pots

By on 4th October 2017


My easy kids recipes feature inΒ Mums & Tots Maternity magazine!

‘Don’t Play With Your Food’ By BellaΒ 

Oh these little beauties are out of this world gorgeous! Not only great craic…

Baking and Desserts Recipes

Blackberry and Almond Cookies

By on 2nd October 2017
Blackberry, almondy and buttery woah-ness is what springs to mind when I think of these cookies. They are inspired by my Grandads Czech neighbour, Dana Verhagen, a wonderful cook and baker who kindly thought me...