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Grape Sculptures

By on 26th October 2017
This fun kids recipes will keep your little Einsteins busy on a wet and dreary day. It will not only keep them occupied but will get their minds thinking about how to build abstract pieces of art. You’re going to have artists by the end of this…
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Fragrant Tofu Salad Cups with Peanut Dressing

By on 23rd October 2017
Fragrant Tofu Salad Cups with Peanut Dressing
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North Wicklow Country Market – A Vegetable Shopping Trip

By on 18th October 2017
North Wicklow Country Market is the best place in Wicklow to buy deliciously seasonal organic veggies at brilliant prices!
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Feeling Peckish! For Something Different

By on 11th October 2017
Peckish!, a fully dedicated vegan cafe opened it’s doors to the people of Ennis sometime last year. For starters we kicked off our edible journey with something sweet which is quite contrary to the normal savory fare. Almond and Buckwheat Pancakes served with toasted nuts...
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Asian Fishcakes

By on 9th October 2017
A gateway to south east Asia, these heavenly fish cakes are going to transport you with every bite. So come on... Jump aboard the Asian Fish Cake adventure!