Hi I’m Bella and I am stone cracked about all things food! My love for the stuff started from a young age. When I’m not eating food I’m thinking about it or talking about it or traveling to random places to get a taste of the best that’s out there… An addiction, I admit. But to be fair, it’s not the worst addiction to have, merely the tastiest I reckon!

I really love creating and developing recipes for myself and others. Here on by BellaΒ you’ll find simple no-fuss gluten free recipes that require minimal effort and offer a big smile on your face when you’ve stuffed a load of it into your tummy (or at least I hope so anyway)!

Why gluten free?

Almost two years ago, I gave up the stuff all together. I figured out it was the thing that was making me feel sick for the best part of ten years. I didn’t get tested for coeliac disease as by the time I felt the benefit of it out of my system, I was encouraged to go back on it for one month to be blood tested. The decision was simple – I knew it didn’t suit my body and I didn’t need a piece of paper to convince me even further…

I trust how my body feels after food and I think that’s the best way to approach what I eat. There is so much noise out there about this food and that food but at then end of the day, my tum tum will be the one and only thing that’s gonna determine what’s on my plate! And by god do I enjoy a bitta indulgence here and there and a tasty plate of delicious-ness – so I can only guarantee sexy-tasting recipes right here!

May the food be with you!

Bella x

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